Give to the Wake-Up Call!

It’s time to invest in more seeds. We do all manner of sowing for awakening around here, but some of the most productive seeds we sow are as the Wake-Up Call. It's what drew so many of you to us in the first place, and it’s likely a seed you’ve sown into the lives of others. Thanks to you, the Wake-Up Call is bearing fruit literally all over the world.

Because we sow extravagantly, we send the Wake-Up Call at no cost to anyone—but we make an annual invitation to invest in the seed, the sowing, and the growing of this ministry.

And so here are two ways to support:

+ It costs us $365 per day to sow a fully developed, technologically platformed, and Holy Spirit-scattered daily seed post. We're looking for friends who will sponsor one day of the Wake-Up Call.

+ It costs about $60 to bring a new member into the community. Our goal is not simply to add more readers, but to equip future sowers. Our true aim is to help people grow from their initial awakening to becoming fully alive agents of Jesus, sowing God’s love across hearts, homes, churches and cities.

Would you make a gift to fund this work of sowing for a great awakening? Either to sponsor a day of the Wake-Up Call for $365 or to invite a new sower into the community for only $60? Anything below, in between, or beyond will be greatly appreciated and carefully stewarded.

Far from a mere daily devotion, the Wake-Up Call is an invitation into a comprehensive awakening journey. I’m sure you agree that we need it more than ever before.